Home Song


Claire Repsholdt, English, history, communications & culture

Written for ENG-W383: Craft of Poetry

Instructor: Prof. Ross Gay

Home Song

Ding dong Marytown bells ring

cracks in the big maple tree so

the sun can peek around dark places where leaves overlap

like an acolyte afraid to light the altar candles too early

looks out of the sacristy door

slowly reluctantly she stretches above

a congregation of purple-green morning glory vines

bright for pictures of mom, dad, mailbox, sidewalk

gray chimes rung by her ray

mallets that hark back to their croquet brothers’

premature harvest of still-wick phlox

chopped dead at their roots

a crime confessed in stains on the cement

octave that crescendos in sun steps

up to the red brick house

flickers at the dark green door

opens about the plaid couches

ever green like Christmas hymns sounded by the

breakfront’s glowing china organs’

unscraped glory never covered…

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