Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?
the aunt asks her English major niece who’s selling shoes.
She replies, “Almost”
the cameraman asks the black-clad techie caught live in the mirror shot.
She whispers, “Almost”
the audience asks the young soprano choking three measures before her big note.
She cries, “Almost”
the models ask the photographer as they doze off on set.
She sighs, “Almost”
she asks him and he lights another blunt.
He exhales, “Almost”
the woman couple forcing a new baby to sleep
the garage band competing with amusement park soundtracks
the husband working part-time at the convenience store
the widow searching for her husband’s death certificate
They lie, “Almost”

Are we there yet?
I ask myself in the quiet of the night

I smile.    I’m here.


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